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Living in the desert, I practically live in bathing suits for half of the year. This is one of my favorite suits that I have ever worn…I’m obsessed. Thank you for the awesome swimsuit Lolli! And a big shout out to Nasty Gal for featuring this shoot.

Swimsuit: Lolli Swimwear

Hat: Nasty Gal

Photographer: Danny Mahoney @dmahoneyphoto

dope new sounds

burning desire







Jersey: Married to the Mob

Shorts: Forever 21

Shoes: Public Desire

Photographer: Danny Mahoney @dmahoneyphoto

dope new sounds

…and the livin’ is easy




Top: Civil clothing

Photographer: Danny Mahoney @dmahoneyphoto

desert kiss



Shirt: Vintage

Shorts: Vintage

Shoes: Shoe Cult by Nasty Gal

Photographer: Danny Mahoney @Dmahoneyphoto

dope new sounds

alie layus x petals and peacocks collection






The Alie Layus x Petals and Peacocks collection is now available! This collection is limited… once it’s sold out it’s gone forever, so get it while you still can! Pick it up here or visit the Petals and Peacocks flagship store in the Bay Area.

xo Alie

dope new sounds

spring fling







Coat: Vintage Donnybrook

Bra: H&M

Shoes: Top shop

get hyped!


Hey guys! I am so happy to give you a sneak peak at one of the designs from a collaboration I’ve been working on with Petals + Peackocks. “Just Say It”, the Alie Layus for Petals + Peacocks collection features rad pieces that represent the confident & outspoken attitude that the Virgin Gold Cult and Petals + Peacocks girl embodies. The collection will be released on May 3rd… and we can’t wait to share it with you!

xo Alie

civil love

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There’s a distinctly sweet smell to the air this time of year, as the summer months creep closer and closer. The breeze starts to feel different..warmer and more inviting. I don’t know what it is exactly, but there’s something about the Spring that fills me with feelings of nostalgia. As someone who dresses according to my moods, I’ve been choosing a lot of vintage denim and floral accessories lately, which are very fitting for the way this gorgeous weather has been making me feel. But throughout the changing seasons, one thing remains constant– I am ALWAYS in the mood to stand out and be different.

For this look, as a part of the “Celebrate the Difference” campaign for Civil clothing, I paired vintage denim shorts and a super girly flower crown with Civil clothing’s Jackson print cropped tank top to add a unique, bright and fun touch– which sets me apart and helps me celebrate my difference <3

xo Alie

Shorts: Vintage Levi’s

Top: Civil clothing

Flower crown: Virgin Gold Cult

dope new sounds

I know this isn’t brand new… but it’s been one of my favorite tracks for a while and I never posted it before. so here you go!

xo Alie

vintage renewal





If you guys haven’t noticed by now, the Virgin Gold Cult store has been down and under construction for the past week or so. Not only am I updating the look and functionality of the store, but I am also adding a bunch of new items as well as designing tons of custom vintage renewal pieces– which will all be available when the store relaunches at the beginning of next week!

I have been getting so much love and great feedback from all the babes who have purchased vintage pieces from me since the store launched back in January, that I decided to start releasing one of a kind vintage renewal pieces. The “VGC vintage renewal” pieces are all rad, hand picked vintage pieces from the 80′s and 90′s that are custom cut and sewn by me to be even more amazing! Trust me, you guys are gonna love ‘em!

I have so much passion for vintage fashion… I truly LOVE being able to share it with you guys. Thank you for all the kindness and support. <3

xo Alie


Shorts: Vintage Levi’s

Shirt: VGC Vintage renewal

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Headwrap: Cult Gaia

Photographer: Danny Mahoney @dmahoneyphoto

dope new sounds

ghost town…








Flower crown: Virgin Gold Cult

Floral 2 piece suit: Vintage

Photographer: Danny Mahoney @Dmahoney

dope new sounds

tie-dye dreams…





T-shirt: Topshop

Jacket: Topshop


Photographer: Danny Mahoney @dmahoneyphoto

getting lost…





Sometimes I feel this deep desire to run away… maybe it’s wanderlust, or boredom, or maybe it’s just the last remnants of teenage-angst still haunting my soul from my younger years of threatening to run away from home every time life got too heavy. Yesterday was one of those days– instead of fighting the urge, I jumped in my car and got on the road without knowing exactly where I was headed or what I would do once I got there. That’s what adventure is all about though, right?

I came across the most amazing, charming little town somewhere between Las Vegas and the border of Arizona. The people there were so friendly and the shops were so full of character. I found this shirt hanging on display outside of an indian jewelry shop and the lady who sold it to me said it had been hanging there in the sun, wind and rain for years (which of course, made it irresistible to me).

I spent the rest of the day exploring, shopping, eating, watching the most beautiful neon sunset and taking photos all along the way. At the end of the day on my drive back to Las Vegas, my head felt clear and I was in such a great mood. By the time I got back home to reality, I felt so relaxed and renewed… I guess a little bit of wandering every now and then is good for the soul.

xo Alie

Shorts: Vintage

Shoes: Topshop

Head wrap: Cult Gaia

Sunglasses: Urban outfitters

Photographer: Danny Mahoney @Dmahoneyphoto

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